About Hariom

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Over the years, Hariom Pipes Industries Limited has solidified its position as one of the leading manufacturers of premium iron and steel products in South India, catering to diverse industrial needs across multiple sectors

Hariom is an integrated manufacturer of Mild Steel (MS) Pipes, Scaffolding, HR Strips, MS Billets, and Sponge Iron. We use iron ore to produce Sponge Iron which is then processed across various stages to manufacture our final products viz. MS Pipes and Scaffolding making our manufacturing process costeffective.

We cater to the southern and western Indian markets for our products. Our MS Pipes are marketed and sold in these geographies under the brand name “Hariom Pipes”. Substantial portion of the Sponge Iron, MS Billets and HR Strips produced by us are used for captive consumption in the manufacturing MS Pipes and Scaffolding.

We manufacture MS Pipes and Scaffoldings of more than one hundred fifty (150) different specifications and cater, directly and indirectly, to customer requirements in various sectors such as housing, infrastructure, agriculture, automotive, power, cement, mining, solar power and engineering.

Our integrated plant at Mahabubnagar District in Telangana (Unit I) manufactures finished steel products from iron scrap and Sponge Iron and our other plant at Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh (Unit II) exclusively manufactures Sponge Iron. Unit II is located near Bellary, which is one of the hubs in South India for iron ore production. The iron ore required to produce Sponge Iron at Unit II is mostly procured through the online bidding process. Most of the Sponge Iron produced at the Unit II is transported to the Unit I and used as a raw material for manufacturing MS Billets, HR Strips, MS Pipes and Scaffolding. The manufacturing of Sponge Iron at our Unit II has reduced our dependence on external sources for raw materials since its acquisition in September, 2020. The integration of Unit I and II has optimized our operations and profitability through backward integration which helps with efficient logistics, inventory management, procurement, energy savings and quality contro

Our quality control team led by qualified chemists and engineers ensure that our raw materials as well as end products are tested on all quality parameters to ensure that we are compliant with the required market standards.

We mainly sell MS Pipes through more than two hundred (200) distributors and dealers. We also sell MS Pipes and Scaffoldings to certain developers and contractors directly as B2B sales. We believe that our key differentiator is our range of product specifications in terms of thickness, length, quality, availability and customised products.

Our Promoters Mr. Rupesh Kumar Gupta and Mr. Sailesh Gupta are third generation entrepreneurs and individually have more than a decade of experience in the iron and steel industry. They have been instrumental in the growth and management of our Company.