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HRPO Coils

HR Pickled and Oiled Coils

Our CR division develops customized products meeting customers’ orders and requirements. We are equipped to supply HRPO/HRSP coils for various applications.

  • Automobile Industry
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturers
  • Pipes & Tubes
  • Industrial & Engineering Parts
  • White Good Manufactures, etc.
  • Roll Forming


  Description HRPO COIL
1 Product Type
Slit / Coil mm
2 Coil ID 508
3 Range of Width 100 to 520 mm
4 Thickness Ranges 1.6 to 3.5 mm
5 Thickness Tolerance Th + / - 0.13 mm
6 Width Tolerance Wd + / - 0.5 mm
7 Surface Finish HRP / HRSP

Free from surface defect, process defects, customised mechanical & chemical properties.

Product Features

imgHRPO Coils


HRPO (Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled) Coil refers to a coil that has been pickled with an acid solution to remove impurities and other undesirable elements like rust and stains caused by oxygen exposure on the coil’s surface.

As a top name in its line of industry, Hariom Pipes Industries Limited has emerged as a notable manufacturer and supplier of HRPO (Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled) Coils in the whole of South India.

Today, with its continual commitment to the best standards of innovation and quality, it operates four strategically positioned state-of-the-art factories seamlessly in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu.

They have excellent workability; and a smoother surface which enhances laser-cutting, shaping, bending, stamping, welding; and painting. Additionally, it also has a wide range of grades, uniform mechanical and chemical properties for improved performance.

They are used for a wide range of applications from simple bends to complex draws or structural applications that need a specific strength level. Some of the applications include Home Furniture like Table Top, Chair Legs, etc; Automotive & Other Stampings; Air Compressor Housings; Agricultural Equipments; Package Strapping; Tanks; Industrial Storage Racks; and many other applications. Their ability to secure cost savings and ensure high quality of products is what makes them a favored choice.

They :

  • Offer a smooth, even surface makes them excellent for coating, painting, and enameling.
  • Offer improved rust-resistance.
  • Offer consistent and predictable physical and chemical properties.
  • Offer closer tolerances with less scrap between parts; and maintain consistent quality.
  • Greatly enhance welding as they have a scale-free surface which removes the need for weld-seam grinding;
  • Assure a long lifespan with the ability to withstand contact with both water and the environment.

If so, then look no further than us. We are a premium manufacturer of iron and steel products, with a strong presence in the South Indian market. With a diverse product portfolio of products, we cater to a variety of industrial applications across multiple sectors. If you want to know more about us, then get-in-touch with us @ 91 99483 87000 or

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