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ESG Approach

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing: At Hariom Pipes, we prioritise environmental responsibility through our eco-friendly manufacturing process. With the implementation of hot charging production technique, we significantly reduce coal and electricity consumption.

Our seamlessly-synchronized operations ensure a smooth transition between manufacturing processes, optimizing efficiency. We have installed baghouse/bag filters in our Induction furnaces for capturing smoke dust emissions and other pollutants during the smelting process, thereby ensuring that we do not pollute the environment and have a bare minimum carbon footprint. Instead of disposing the pollutants so collected by the bag filters in a careless manner we actually monetize them by selling them off to various customers.


As a part of our commitment to sustainability, weactively contribute to the circular economy by recycling scrap. This process plays a pivotal role in our steel production, as we prioritise the usage of recycled materials, including scrap and recyclable material, to minimise our environmental footprint and reduce energy usage across the entire value chain.

Our dedication to recycling empowers us to produce finished steel products in an eco-friendly manner.


We've integrated sustainability into our core strategic pillars, emphasizing Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Guided by an accomplished Board of Directors, we steadfastly pursue industry benchmarks, with established targets reflecting enduring dedication. Amidst the new normal, our resolute focus on ESG and sustainability persists.Employee safety is prioritized, and we take immense pride in achieving zero fatalities during the reviewed year, showcasing our unwavering commitment to a sustainable and safe workplace.