About Hariom


We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint through a systematic and process-oriented approach. We persistently attempt to minimise any adverse impact of our operations on the people, planet and communities we work with. Our operations are conducted under the aegis of the foundational principles of Reduce and Recycle for sustainable value creation.

A pledge towards a greener tomorrow

Water Management

Water conservation and management is critical to preserve the natural ecosystem and biodiversity. We have undertaken several measures to reduce our consumption, recycle and harvest this resource. Alignment of our water conversion and management policy is an essential factor while making decisions, either for a new project or expansion of an existing one.


Reduction in freshwater consumption


We monitor and strategise to the extent possible any impact that our operations may have on air quality and implications that this may have on employees, local communities, and broader environment.


We have pledged to increase the green cover around the area we operate in to maintain the flora and fauna of the area we operate to mitigate to some extent our environmental footprint. We constantly take part in initiatives such as planting trees to increase the green cover in areas surrounding the factory, especially under the government’s flagship programme Telangana Haritha Haram scheme.


Saplings planted in FY 2022-23

As part of our commitment to a circular economy, we recycle scrap steel, using it as a primary material in our production process. We have policies and processes in place for reducing energy usage and minimising our environmental footprint across the value chain. We have undertaken multiple operational initiatives to further reduce freshwater intake, cut down emissions and increase the proportion of renewable power in our energy mix. We make conscious efforts to generate local employment and promote local economy as we grow in scale and size.


Share of steel scrap as raw materials